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For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary.

For those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible.


Only Fool’s say it. There is no God.


Coincidence: The fact or condition of coinciding. An accidental and remarkable occurrence of events, ideas, etc. At the same time, in a way that sometimes suggests a casual relationship.

Coincidence: ” A GOD INSTANCE “

There are NO ” Coincidences “


 Always give credit where credit is due.


The market can stay down longer, than you can stay solvent.


Stop smoking. Your lungs will love you for it.

(So will the people around you.)


NEVER hold a grudge. It will affect your physical and mental health.


Don’t text while driving. Be safe for yourself and others.


Answer your cell phone quietly. Don’t invite the public to listen in. It’s a cell phone and not a PA speaker system.


Turn your headlights on at dusk/dawn, fog, snow, rain, dust storm, so you can be seen by others and they can see you.


Exercise your voting rights. Over a Million Americans, have given their lives to protect this country, and our freedom and above all, the right to cast your vote without intimidation.